#50 Basundi

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I am surprised and happy to make a note that my recipe list has grown a lot with all your support and encouragement. And this is my 50th post and coincidentally happened to be a sweet desert and marking the start of Deepavali  festival preparation!  I would like to take this moment of post to thank you all my friends,family and all my well wishers.

Basundi is a milk rich , delicious and an unique flavored Indian sweet made by thickening full fat milk and Sugar.

Basundi is mostly popular in the western Indian states of Maharashtra. It can be served on its own as chilled and garnished with nuts. A close variation to this is Rabadi made in North India. However they both differ in the texture and consistency .

Traditionally Basundi is made by Simmering full fat milk for a long time until the mix reduces to almost half of original quantity.


Ingredients :

Full Fat Milk  - 1 Litre

Cardamom powder or Elaichi powder.

Sugar  - 4 tbsp

Cashew but - 10

Saffron - 1 pinch

Almond - chopped - 2 tbsp for garnishing.


Bring milk to a boil state on a medium heat. Soak Saffron in hot milk.

Boil the milk for another 20 to 25 minutes.

Start scrapping of the cream residual on the sides of the pan. Keep collecting it in a pot/cup.

Keep stirring often to prevent over burnt smell in milk.

Continue to boil on medium flame and until it reaches the thicken consistency.

Now add  all the collected scrapped cheesy cream from the milk back into the boiling milk pan.

Add the ground cashew nut powder. Then add 4 tbsp pf Sugar.

Mix it well and keep it in the thick consistency. Add Saffron and chopped Almonds.


Transfer to a serving bowl and refrigerate.

After an hour, Basundi is ready to be served.

Yummy tasty Basundi is ready !!!



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