#53 Butter Murukku

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Crunchy melting Butter Murukku is an easy snack that is loved most of us and kids.  I tried this for Deepavali 2019 and it has come out very well.

You can't stop eating it once you start 🙂 Perfect to have as a coffee time snack on any days.Enjoy the snack.



Rice Flour - 4 cups

Paasi Paruppu Flour ( Moopng Daal)  - 1 cup

Butter - 1 tbsp

Sesame - 1.5 tsp

Hing - 1/2 tsp

Salt - as required

Oil - for Deep Fry ( Sunflower)

Murukku  Kuzhal/Maker  ( 3 star Acchu)

Water - 1 cup

Making of Paasi Paruppu Flour ( Moong Daal Flour):

Dry roast the Paasi Paruppu slightly and make a fine powder in a mixer grinder . Filter it without any lumps.



Take a mixing bowl and keep a filtrate on top of it.

Now add Rice Flour, Paasi paruppu flour, hing on the filtrate and filter it.

Remove the filter.

Add the other ingredients directly in the mixing bowl,sesame,salt,butter.

Mix the contents well with hands.

Prepare a dough with the mix by mixing water appropriately. The dough should be soft and NOT  dried.

Put the dough into the Murukku  maker. Cover the left over dough with a wet towel.

Press the maker over a oil greased paper onto a shape that you like.

Note: I used a 3 star shaped .

Take a pan and pour oil for deep fry.Heat the oil on a medium flame.

Once the oil is ready for frying heat,drop the Murukku pieces and deep fry them.

Deep fry until the Murukku stops the cracking bubbles in the oil.

Transfer the fried Murukku onto a container floored with a tissue paper to absorb any excess oil.


Crispy crunchy Murukku bytes are ready!!!




  1. Hi Anitha tried this butter murukku it is so nice just melts in our mouth my family loved it a lot 🙂
    Thank u for such a tasty Recipe

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