#30 Bonda-Evening Snack

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Bonda is a popular snack recipe.You can serve it as an evening snack or even as a Breakfast.Here is a quick recipe of Bonda.


Coconut pieces (chopped)-1 tbsp

Urad Daal (Ulundhu)-1 cup

Raw rice-1tbsp

Onion-1 big sized.

Black pepper-1 tbsp

Green Chillies--1

Jeera -1 tsp

Salt-as required.

Oil-for deep fry.


1.Take a bowl and add 1 cup of Urad Daal and 1 tbsp of Raw rice.

2.Wash the content 3 times and soak it with enough water for 4 hours.

3.Drain the water and add it in the mixer grinder.

4.Sprinkle a bit of water and grind it to a batter soft.

5.Remove the batter in a bowl.

6.Add 1 cup fine chopped onion+green chillies+coconut pieces+black pepper+Jeera+salt as needed.

7.Mix the contents well.

8.Take a pan and add enough oil for deep fry. Keep the flame from low to medium to avoid oil overheating.

9.Make small balls of the batter mix and put them in the oil one by one for a deep fry.

10.Take them out when golden brown .

Crunchy tasty Bonda is ready to serve.Serve it hot with coconut Chutney.

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