#41 Paruppu/ Masala Vadai

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Paruppu/Masala Vadai ( Channa Daal)  is a regular south Indian tiffin/snack prepared very often. Many times,in my childhood days, I take this even as my side dish  given by my mom for Curd rice, Tamarind rice or Lemon rice .

This inherited habit came on me as my Mom is a great Masala Vadai lover and she tried with many variants everytime.

In many traditional tea shops, this Vadai is often sold with tea or coffee as a snack. In South of south Tamil Nadu, this is also called as "aamai vadai".



  1. KadalaI paruppu /Channa Daal - 200 gms ( 1 cup ) .
  2. garlic -2 pieces
  3. Fennel seeds ( Soambu) - 1 tbsp
  4. green chilli- 3
  5. Mint leaves - 15 to 20 leaves ( optional)
  6. Onion - 1 ( big sized) - fine chopped
  7. Curry leaves - 8 ( fine chopped)
  8. Coriander leaves - small amount. ( fine chopped)

oil -for deep fry.

Salt - as per your taste.


  1. Take a bowl and soak Kadala Paruppu ( Channa Daal) for 2 hours.
  2. Then drain the water, add it in a mixer jar.

3. Add garlic+fennel seeds+ green chilli to the mixer jar.

4. Grind the contents coarsely ( should not be a smooth paste) without adding water.

5. transfer into a bowl and add chopped onions,chopped coriander , chopped curry leaves + Salt.

6. Mix the contents well. This is now our base for Vadai.

7. Take a kadai and add oil to it to deep fry.

8. From the bowl, make small round balls of Vadai base and press it on your palm to a traditional Vadai shape.

9. Once the oil is heated up, put the Vadai pieces one by one and deep fry it.

10. Once the Vada base turns brown, drain the oil and keep it aside.

Tasty Vadai is ready to eat now . Enjoy the crispy crunchy Vadai along with tea/coffee  or with any south  Indian variety rice.


Normally  for this Vada, mint leaves is not an usual added item. I added to have a good aromatic flavor when you consume rather than raw channa Daal/Chilli flavor.

Please visit my other blog on Mor Kolumbu  to know how this Vadai can make it a different variant.


  1. Me and my family loved the masala vada. This is my first time attempt to make it as the recipe was simple and easy. Thanks Anitha!

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