#5 South Indian Ulundhan Kali

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Ulundhan( Urad Daal) Kali is a traditional south Indian healthy sweet and one of the home made delight. This is rich in protein, low in fat and very good for women. This also influences bone strength and cures hip pains.  Also it stands as one of those good intakes for women during pregnancy.

In addition , it is good for growing teen girls and helps a lot to reduce the menstrual pains  when taken during those days.

Now lets get into the making...


  1. Ulundan paruppu ( Urad Daal) - 1.5 cup
  2. Palm Jaggery ( Karuppatti)        - 1.5 cup
  3. Gingely Oil                                     -1 cup
  4. Water                                               -1/2 cup



1.Heat a pan. Dry roast the Ulundu/Urad Daal till it gets to a golden brown colour.Grind it well in mixer until you get into a fine powdered form.

Alternatively , you can buy from shop as well.

2.In a sauce pan, add water and jaggery to boil and melt the jaggery completely.

3.Strain and filter the jaggery juice in a pan and boil. Add the Ulundu maavu/Urad daal powder little by little and keep stirring to avoid lumps and sticking to the pan. This would make sure that Jaggery and flour mixes evenly.

4. Keep stirring the mixture as it boils and add gingely oil  at regular intervals while you continue stirring the mix. You can also use ghee if you want inplace of oil. ( usually Ulundu maavu with gingely oil carries medicinal weight)

5.When the mixture becomes thick and able to toss inside the pan without getting stuck to the pan.

6. Now, at this stage if it tosses without sticking , you can remove from the flame and ready to eat.

7. Traditionally, we make the ready mix from above to ball/laddu shaped rounds.

8. if you don't see glossy oil finish on the kali laddu, you can pain with more gingely oil.

Nutritional jewel of sweet is ready for your taste... Enjoy!!!.. See you again.


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