#4 Banana Appam

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  1. Wheat Flour                 -  1 cup
  2. Banana                           -1
  3. Jaggery                           -1 cup ( powdered)
  4. Water                             - 1 cup
  5. Cardamom powder     - a pinch
  6. Ghee for brushing the paniyaram pan
  7. A pinch of Salt


  1. Mix wheat Flour, smashed banana, jaggery, water, cardamom powder, salt in a bowl well without lumps so that it turns to a good batter.
  2. Heat the paniyaram pan and brush with ghee.
  3. Pour the batter and fry as shown in the picture . Make sure to turn sides of the paniyaram so that all sides are well fried.

I am sure that your kids would love it ..

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