#9 PaalKova

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Dear Friends ,

This post is to share a quick way of preparing paalkova  using microwave oven within minutes. One of my close friend, Nirmala from Sydney taught me..



Milk                           - 1 Cup

Thickened Cream  - 1 Cup ( In India, you can use amul fresh cream- freeze it for a day and then use).

Milk Powder          - 2.5 Cups

Sugar                      - 1 Cup

Method :

Mix all the given ingredients in a glass bowl with out lumps.

First heat it for 5 mins in your oven  and then take out and mix well.  Again, heat the mix in the over for another 7 minutes.

Your hot Paalkova is ready to taste..

How simple...isn't it? Give it a try when you get surprise visit from your friends and dears.



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