#32 Bajji

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Saturday evenings are always special and a curios leisure seeking time with family. A lot of things you might want to try when you are at home.If you are running out of ideas or ingredients, Bajji is your life savior. Likewise, for me,both my hubby & my son are bajji lovers. You can try both Onion/Potato bajji .


1.Gram Flour(Kadalai Maavu) -1 cup

2.Rice Flour-1 tbsp

3.RedChilly powder - 1 tbsp

4.Baking Soda -1 tbsp

5.Salt as needed

6.Oil for deep fry

7 . Water -1/2 cup


As per your likes, you can always add any veggies- Potato,Capsicum,onion,raw banana etc.


1.Take a bowl and add Gram Flour + Rice Flour+Red Chilli powder+baking soda+salt

2.Mix well, sprinkle water slowly while you mix and bring it to a thick batter.

3.Dip the vegetables into it.

4. Take a pan and pour oil and bring it to frying hot.

5.Take the  flour soaked  veggie deep fry it one by one.

Your bajji is ready!!! Serve it hot with any chutney/Sambar as your wish. Enjoy the Saturday with Bajji+filter Coffee.

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