#43 Aval ( Poha) Laddoo

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Gokulashtami or Krishna Jayanti is one of the most auspicious pooja celebrated across India. Especial most of the kids are very eager to participate in this pooja to grab the  variety of sweets offered for them whom we establish as Gokula Krishna. Now a days, I see that many of my friends and relatives are Office goers and I would like to dedicate this sweet, "Aval Laddoo / Poha Laddoo".  This sweet can be made within minutes so that working women can spend more time doing pooja rather than in Kitchen.


Aval/Poha                       - 2 cups

Sugar ( Powdered)          - 1 cup

ghee                                - 4 tbsp

Cashew nuts ( whole)       - 10

Elaichi(Cardamom/Yelakkai) - 2 ( powdered with Sugar)



Take a pan and dry roast Aval ( Poha).

Do it in a low flame until it turns crispy.

Keep it aside and let it cool for 15 mins.

Take a mixer jar and add 1 cup of Sugar with 2 elaichi and powder it.  Keep it aside.

In the same jar,add   Aval ( once it is cooled) and make the contents into a fine powder.  Keep it aside.

Take a mixing bowl and add powdered Aval(Poha) and Sugar. Mix it well.

In a pan, add 4 tbsp of ghee and add cashew nuts. Fry it till the cashew become golden brown.

Switch off the stove.

Add the ghee to the mixing bowl. Mix it with a spoon. ( it was too hot to use palms).

After 5 mins,mix it with your hands and make small rounds of Aval/Poha laddoos.

Tasty Poha/Aval laddoo is ready for your kutty Lord Krishna 🙂


1. You can use either Red or White Aval/Poha.

2. I have used white sugar. You can also use powdered jaggery or powdered raw sugar.


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