#19 Sappotta ( Chickoo) Milkshake

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Sappotta( Chickoo) is very delicious in taste ,is also very beneficial for the health as it many types of minerals and vitamins. Chickoo is very good to reduce depression and anxiety.It contains anti bacterial and anti viral properties.It prevents blood loss.It is good for Kidneys and digestive system.


  1. Sappotta  - 5 Nos.
  2. Milk          -100ml
  3. Sugar       -2tbsp
  4. Ice cube  -2


1.Take well washed Sappotta , peel it and cut into small pieces.

2.But the pieces into the mixer and add 100ml of chilled milk.

3.Then add 2tbsp of sugar,ice cubes and grind it.

Yummy Sappotta Milkshake is ready to Serve!!!

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