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#65 Idli Podi – Home Made

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Idli Podi ( powder) is the front facing Knights in your Kitchen Armour Shelves.  It is the one which always saves you and makes your life easier.

A well known name in Tamil tables  for a morning Tiffin or Dinner - Idli Podi is an unavoidable name to call out when you are not well and still have to feed your dears.

Think of a plate Idli with a spicy Podi followed with a tumbler hot filter coffee either in a lazy morning or at midnight - I am sure Idli Podi takes your coffee dream to a different level.

The mildness of IdliPodi on your corner of tongue when you take  your first sip of hot filter Coffee is a real South Indian ecstatic experience which tops the points for a typical Sweet-Kaaram - Coffee line up.

Preparing Idli Podi at home is an easy step and most effective Kitchen trump card. I am sure , though I have put the quantity of ingredients, each time you make it, it still gives you a slight different variant in taste - that's the specialty. Try it and enjoy !!


Ulundu ( white) / Urad Dal  - 1 cup.

Kadalai Paruppu/ Chana Dal - 1 cup.

White Sesame                      - 1 cup.

Hing                                   -   1/2 tsp.

Red Chili                             -15 Nos.

Oil                                      - 2 tsp.

Rock  Salt                          - as needed.


Take a Kadai and add 2 tsp of oil.

After it gets heated, add Red Chili in it.

Fry it in a low flame until it gets roasted ( It should not turn black).

Keep it aside separately.

Then add Kadalai Paruppu/Chana Dal to the Kadai and roast the contents until it turns crispy.


Now add Ulundu( Urad Dal) and Hing  in the Kadai and roast it until it turns to golden brown. Keep this also aside separately.

Keep the contents aside.

Now add the white sesame seed to the Kadai and roast it until it turns golden brown. Keep it aside.

Let all the roasted contents dry cool for some time ( 15 mins-20 mins).

Now take a mixer jar and grind the Red chilies into a coarse form.

Now add Ulundu,Kadai Paruppu( Urad+Chana Dal) with Hing in the mixer and grind the contents to a fine powder.

Finally, add sesame seeds and Rock salt into the mixer and grind the contents to a fine powder.

Since the powder is made of dry lentils, the mixer would have made the contents slightly hot, transfer them to a plate /paper and let the powder cool for few minutes.

Now , you can store the powder/Podi in a steel or glass jar -air tight and this would be ready for serving for a month.

As I said above, serve the Podi ( with oil) along with Hot Idli/Dosai/Upma.



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